Beyond the Expected

Beyond is an online video portal created by Winkler Bible Camp where the mission is to "extend the Kingdom of God, with a focus on children and youth." Allow us to entertain, teach, and inspire you through our unique original content. You can follow along with the adventures of Connor and Bethany in their fort called Wonder World, laugh along with our animated shorts, or learn a new song in our music section. No matter what you end up watching, we are so glad to be able to connect with you beyond the summer and beyond our physical location. Enjoy!

How did it begin?

In the Summer of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced changes to how we were able to run our Summer Camp programming. Without overnight camp opportunities we had to find ways to still connect with our 2000+ campers and their families. It was at this time that WBCbeyond was developed to host Wonder World, our first original Kids show series. We realized the opportunity presented here for a year-round connection and continue to build the website and produce new videos.